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Nadia Cates

Nadia was born in Tijuana, Mexico and grew up in Southern California. She moved to Utah for college and has since stayed, for the most part.


It was while living in Mexico City for a few years as a family that the idea of Ella Rises was born. Nadia connected deeply with her heritage and saw it in a different light from when she was growing up in the U.S. Her roots empower her and motivate her and hopes yours will do the same for you. She is excited to work with many amazing people to bring you Ella Rises.

Claudia Barillas
Managing Director

Claudia grew up in Los Angeles after her family emigrated from Michoacán, Mexico. She is a powerful woman and leader who graduated from Cal State L.A.


In addition to dedicating her time and energy to her husband and two amazing children, she also helps students as a social worker in the Provo City School District within the Diversity and Equity team.


Claudia gladly dedicates a meaningful amount of time to Ella Rises to support these impressive girls in their dreams.

Alicia Olsen
Programs and Marketing Manager

Alicia was born in Tijuana, Mexico, and moved to San Diego, California when she was seven years old. Now, she lives in Utah with her cute family and their rescue cat, Cali. 


Alicia inadvertently disconnected from her Mexican roots while growing up in the States. In 2012 she dove into her family's history and that helped solder her connection with Mexico and her antepasados. She loves and takes pride in her heritage. She loves and takes pride in being part of the United States. She wouldn't be who she is without one or the other.


As she navigated the path of an immigrant child, art was a constant in her life. She believes art is moldable power. With that power, you can heal, teach, and unite. Self-expression is an exceptional gift.


Alicia is honored to work alongside these amazing women to help you explore the talents and magic within you.

Gisele Loisotto
Administrative Assistant

Gisele was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She emigrated with her husband to the U.S. 4 years ago to pursue her education.


While being a stay at home mom, Gisele is also working on getting her degree in Marriage and Family Studies at BYUI.

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